Who we are

The GFM is a coalition of over 50 partners, including farming and environment groups, certifiers, food companies, financial services, and government.

Together we have created a framework to establish a baseline of data and a common language for all stakeholders in food and farming.


Steering committee

The Steering Committee brings external oversight to support delivery of the Global Farm Metric project. Assisted by the GFM team and the working groups, it is responsible for defining the project outcomes, supporting the framework development and communications, identifying potential risks and opportunities and providing overall guidance for its development, delivery and future governance.

The members of the Committee are representatives of the coalition partners. They bring deep understanding and experience of the food and farming sector with expertise to support the successful development and adoption of the GFM.

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The GFM team

Supported by the Sustainable Food Trust, the team provides coordination for the Steering Committee and the working groups. They work with the external specialist and scientific community, farmer groups, NGOs and stakeholders, and oversee the test and trials programme. The Global Farm Metric team lead on building consensus and alignment for the GFM and safeguarding the integrity and principles of the GFM across all the working groups.

Working groups

There has been an overwhelming consensus among key stakeholders in the food and farming industry, including finance, retail, farmers, and consumers, of the need for a common framework and that the Global Farm Metric provides a solution to the challenges currently facing people and the planet.

To deliver on this potential and allow the metric to be developed and scaled so that it is useful to a wide variety of stakeholders, we invited over 50 organisations and farmers to form the five core working groups: farmers and land-managers, infrastructure and governance, international, metrics and stakeholder. They are now working with the GFM team to bring their external perspective, industry expertise and insight to the working groups.

Farmers & land managers

Working to co-design, trial and pressure test the framework to ensure it is useful and meaningful to those working on the ground.

Metric refinement

Initiated by farmers, the role of the metric working group is to develop, refine and test the framework. They bring external oversight to the work of the Global Farm Metric team who are carrying out the process of scientific review (Delphi), on-farm testing, and refinement.

They are there to ensure the data gathering remains practical at farm level and the framework is aligned with existing specialist tools, certification schemes, national and international metrics.

Governance and Infrastructure

The Governance group are working to create the roadmap for national and international adoption. They are there to ensure the Global Farm Metric remains in the commons, relevant and rigorous, with the necessary governance and infrastructure to enable its wide adoption and ongoing refinement in line with emerging science and technology.

Stakeholder application

The stakeholder working group establish and oversee global trials to verify how the Global Farm Metric can be used in key sectors and supply chains, including farming, government, food companies and finance. 

Their work includes a review of existing ESG metrics for finance; the potential of using the Global Farm Metric as a baseline for ELMs and SFI payments, sustainability standards at farm-level for procurement within the supply chain, and standard data for use in consumer labelling.


The international working group focus on gaining support and adoption in the international arena with organisations such as the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO); Guidelines Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture (SAFA); the Sustainable Agriculture Platform (SAI); Food and land use coalition (FOLU); World Business Council (WBC); World Benchmarking Alliance; Sustainable Markets Initiative; and One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B).

Coalition partners

The Global Farm Metric Coalition is a group representing farmers, government, finance, retailers, certifiers, NGOs and philanthropy – all working together to develop the Global Farm Metric and drive adoption.

Delivering the Global Farm Metric is not only about defining a framework to measure on-farm sustainability, it is about ensuring all stakeholders use the same standardised single set of measures to assess impact. We have therefore been working with a broad set of stakeholders, all of whom are looking for their own answers on sustainability, and to unite them through this standardised approach to measurement.

The organisations below have been driving the conversation.